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Wrapped Chocolates

Discover a whole new world of premium chocolates that redefine the meaning of luxury and elegance. Taste our exquisite line of handcrafted chocolates and experience a world of flavour found exclusively with us.

Gift a taste of pure luxury and sophistication with our Black Gift Box. Indulge in an exclusive selection of our wrapped chocolates.

390.00 AED490.00 AED

All occasions need a touch of exclusivity. Our White Leather Gift Box filled with a selection of our wrapped chocolates is the perfect gift exclusive give for any occasion.

800.00 AED1,200.00 AED

Our Ash Wood Gift Boxes are nothing short of pure elegance and class outside filled with an irresistible selection of our wrapped chocolates inside.

450.00 AED670.00 AED

Gift your loved ones our Standard Gift Boxes and allow them to indulge in a taste of exclusivity with our selection of wrapped chocolates.

100.00 AED285.00 AED

Create your own irresistible box of delight with our Standard small “Create Your Own” gift box. Choose 20 of our delicious Wrapped Chocolate and create a box like no other.

100.00 AED

Complete any occasion with a box of your choice of Wrapped Chocolates. Chose 36 chocolates for your “Create Your Own” Medium Gift Box and create your own unique collection.

160.00 AED

Gift a grand present that will be unforgettable. Choose 70 chocolates from our Wrapped Chocolate collection to create the perfect Grand Gift Box for any occasion.

285.00 AED

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