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The Hannah & Safoorah Story

Commitment to quality, down-to-earth family culture and pure love for all things chocolate are the secret ingredients to all our chocolates. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, our perfected recipe for chocolate reflects our cultural enrichment and our globally polished palate.

About us

Originality, Innovation and Distinctiveness are a few adjectives that describe our fresh approach to the art of Chocolate making.

Our journey spans back to the innocent dreams of two sisters in their adolescence. With equal parts of passion, simplicity and energy, we set about building a decadent array of quality hand-made chocolates. Having been born and brought up in the United Kingdom, our lives have been enriched both culturally and in means of our palate. As the years have passed, we have refined our skills and developed our chocolate making, hence creating a unique line of premium chocolates.

The phrase, “Life is like a box chocolates”, resonates deep in our thought process and our motto. The social aspect of giving gifts and the pleasure that is expressed across all ages alike when receiving a box of chocolates, is what drives our passion to excel in our business.

As the company grows and evolves, some of the things that we thrive on keeping consistent are: our commitment to quality, our down-to-earth family culture, and our pure love for all things chocolate.

You could say we’ve been busy, and we still are, but whatever we’re doing, we know that it’s only possible because of YOU – our customers.

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