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Truffle ‘Create Your Own’ Medium Gift Box

195.00 AED

Gift someone special our exclusive box of truffles. Choose 18 truffles from our Truffle Collection and let them taste the irresistible.

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Select your chocolates

To create your perfect gift box, simply make your selection from the chocolates below then add the box to your basket.

  • Hannah & Safoorah | Truffles | Cornflake Crunch

    Cornflakes Crunch

    Rich and creamy white chocolate and white cream covered embraced in crunchy cornflakes
  • Hannah & Safoorah | Truffles | Cocoa Craving

    Cocoa Craving

    Irresistible combination of Belgium dark chocolate and rich dark cream dipped and covered in cocoa powder
  • Hannah & Safoorah | Truffles | Almond Amore

    Almond Amore

    Delicious rich creamy almond paste and white chocolate filling enrobed in a crunchy almond nuts
  • Hannah & Safoorah | Truffles | Hazelnut Heaven

    Hazelnut Heaven

    Heavenly mix of hazelnut paste, white cream and white chocolate covered in hazelnuts
  • Hannah & Safoorah | Truffles | Pistachio Paradise

    Pistachio Paradise

    Exquisite combination of rich pistachio paste with white cream and white chocolate enrobed in crunchy pistachio nuts
  • Hannah & Safoorah | Truffles | Cashew Cream

    Cashew Cream

    Divine blend of creamy peanut paste, white cream and white chocolate covered in cashew nuts